After much consideration I have decided to move the studio to our building in Saratoga.  The building is a total of 13,000 square feet in an ideal location right in our customers backyard.  There are combination of goals and motivations that have influenced my decision.
  • We would like to create a studio environment that is more conducive to our progress towards sustainable design and construction.
  • We would like the flexibility to grow into adjacent spaces.
  • I would like to position our company to be as competitive as possible while not compromising the quality of our service.
  • We would like to participate in a tight knit community.
I think from the outside looking in many people will think I am crazy to abandon such a nice showroom and studio.  If they had to pay the bill it would probably take one second to jump on board.  The reality is our business has changed from, originally a cabinet showroom in 1992, to a company that provides comprehensive design and construction services.  We need an environment that is creative and houses many products and samples for ALL of the home, not just cabinetry.  Our current location could serve this purpose with major renovation and this is where the threshold arrives.  The unique situation of owning the building was actually a plan back in 2000 as an expansion plan for the future.  As business and economics changed so did our plans.  No with our lease coming due in a few month opportunities present themselves again.  With this change our company will be strongly positioned for the new year.  As we grow and change we know that our home is there to stay and can make it our own. Relocating to a building that we own really makes sense.
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