Our new studio will accomplish several goals, as mentioned in a previous post allowing our customers to benefit in many ways. We are looking forward to a fresh exciting change in our working environment while positioning us to present our new green building agenda. So welcome to our studio project. I plan to post progress information and photos for those followers. Keep in mind that a main goal is to create an eco friendly studio by implementing design and construction practices in as many things we do as possible.  
So here it goes. 

On the property there was an old abandoned antenna tower that was used for a paging company. It hasn’t been used in years and this spurred my first idea. I want to create an environment that is contemporary with an industrial flair and “warmed up” with materials. So naturally I decided to take the tower down, cut it up, and use it for feature elements inside the space. Who wouldn’t? This forty foot tower would otherwise rust away or end up at the scrap yard. The design uses two ten foot triangular sections that will go floor to ceiling while the remaining pieces are modified to function as table stands around the office. The primary towers will act as dividers between workstations and I plan to obtain reclaimed or re-use materials that will span between the towers and the poles. It sets a trend for the entire space. The table bases will support our conference table, plan tables and counters next to the copier fax machine. I will paint the towers a unique color that will compliment other elements. Salvaging and re-using materials is has the least impact on our environment and is a component of green building. Taking this approach invigorates

the design process as your decision are “live on the fly” and, to me, more meaningful.


Stay tuned for more whacky ideas. I’ll post as significant progress is made.

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