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LED Lighting

Bill Reid, CGR, CGBP



LED lighting is making its way into the mainstream of construction and remodeling projects today.  As the next generation of lighting for the home LED lighting is a big step from typical recessed incandescent lighting you probably have in your home.  If you have remodeled over the past few years the new building code has required a certain percentage of fluorescent in your kitchens and baths which has lead to install of fixtures that do not give off a desirable color of light or also known as CRI (Color Rendering Index).  Halogen bulbs will reach a CRI of the maximum of 100 where LED’s by Cree or reaching 94-96 and fluorescents are in the 80’s. 


There is a tremendous amount of information out there and I have provided a few links for you to do your own research but here is what you likely care about.


Replacing your existing recessed lighting fixtures in your home will:

ü       Reduce your lighting power consumption by approximately 80% from traditional bulbs.

ü       Reduce your lighting power consumption by approximately 67% from halogen bulbs.

ü       LED emits NO HEAT!  Doesn’t make sense to heat your house with lighting.  Eliminating heat generated from lighting significantly reduces cooling costs.

ü       LED’s emit NO Ultra Violet Rays which can cause discoloring and degradation of finish on wood and art work.

ü       Unlike fluorescent fixtures LED’s contain NO Mercury which is a known toxic substance in our land fills.

ü       And here’s the best.  How about not changing a light bulb till the year 2040!  LED’s last a long time.


So substantially reduce you energy cost, contribute to improving our environment, and begin minimizing your maintenance by considering designing with LED’s or replace your fixtures today and remember to recycle your fluorescent bulbs.


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