In the heart of the Silicon Valley, a family reached out to us though Houzz in need of more space and a major update. Our team at RemodelWest was tasked to create an additional bedroom, ½ bath, office, family room and kitchen worthy of a professional chef. With research, planning and organization we are able to provide a home that meets or exceeds our clients’ needs and requests while keeping in budget. We love our Houzz clients!
Contemporary Kitchen Transformation
The brand new contemporary kitchen is leaps and bounds away from where it started… both in style and function. With playful forms and finishes, we created an individual reflection of today’s busy family. This clean and clutter free kitchen accommodates serious cooking and baking along with storage for the multitude of dishes, gadgets and appliances

Contemporary Kitchen TransformationContemporary Kitchen Transformation

Our harmonious color scheme of copper and sea green was inspired by our @EcoCrush Artic countertops. Made of all recycled materials (crushed stone, concrete and glass) held together with a resin adhesive, this product is virtually indestructible and LEED certified.
What sets this kitchen apart is the @CrystalCabinetWorksInc cabinetry in the luxurious and playful combination of matt and gloss with C-Channel accent. While being another earth friendly product it is fully customizable. Grounding the space along the perimeter we have a modern linear wood grain veneer cabinet in a cool matte brown finish. Front and center is the sea green glass as our focal point defining our complementary color scheme. For the kitchen island, a wired bronze foil with soft brush-streak pattern and high gloss finish was selected to offset the rest while keeping with the cool brown tones.
Contemporary Kitchen Transformation
The need for natural light drove the design of this space. The skylight detail became integral part of the design to satisfy the need the of natural light while creating a modern aesthetic as well as a stunning architectural detail. To keep the lights and pendants centered on the island, we designed a pattern of openings and blocking to allow fixtures to mount at the correct spots along the island span.
Contemporary Kitchen Transformation
This professional chef requires a menagerie of appliances. In this kitchen we have 6 ovens and our challenge was how to make it all fit in the new space. With lots of research on requirements of installation with regards to height above floor, heat, weight and electrical/gas outlets, we stacked them up, keeping access a priority.
First up is the @Electrolux 30” double wall oven that can dehydrate, bread-proof and slow cook. Next is the @Dacor warming drawer with a moist/crisp selector. Then we have the powerful and beautiful orange @BlueStar electric wall oven with French doors and infrared broiler. Rounding out the ovens is the @Miele Microwave and Steam Oven. Down the way we have side-by-side 32” @Electrolux freezer and refrigerator next to our @Thermador dishwasher. Lastly is the powerful @BlueStar 36” platinum range top with interchangeable griddle charbroiler and the @Zephyr hood.

Contemporary Kitchen Transformation Contemporary Kitchen Transformation

The island contains features such a lift up mixer and baking station allowing our chef to create signature pastries with efficiency and ease. An extra-large professional @GalleySink is a treasured find with many accessory options such as cutting board, strainer and condiment holder. Imbedded in the island countertop is a knife block placed conveniently next to the sink and pastry station. Our homeowner decided to have open pull out drawers for easy access to everyday items such as pots/pans, mixing bowls, and professional bakeware. Hidden in the toe kick is a drawer that stashes a mini folding stepstool for accessing those hard to reach places.

Contemporary Kitchen Transformation Contemporary Kitchen Transformation

Our homeowners also requested an office that could double as a play area. This space needed to be multipurpose allowing for different modes of privacy. The solution was to alter the structure allowing the weight to be redistributed and have no post or other obstruction in the corner of the office. We then installed double barn doors meeting at the corner. They can now have the space wide open when the children are doing homework or as an extension of the dining room allowing large get-togethers.

Contemporary Kitchen TransformationContemporary Kitchen TransformationContemporary Kitchen Transformation

Through the home we also installed new @WeCork flooring that looks like hardwood. Not only is cork a rapidly renewable material, it also has the added benefits of durability and anti-bacterial capabilities perfect for a busy family and professional chef alike.
Contemporary Kitchen Transformation
With children growing up into young adults, this home is now a space our clients can stay for years to come. Go Team RemodelWest!

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