With growing global environmental concerns the construction industry has become a key player in helping to solve the issues we face.  Build It Green ,a Northern California non-profit, has taken a leadership position in bringing residential remodeling and new construction businesses up to speed and Remodel West aka Cupertino Kitchen Design has joined.  In fact, local city and county jurisdictions are adopting their Green Point rating system.  Soon all large remodel projects and all new construction projects will require a certain amount of “Green Points”.

A large agenda of Build It Green is to educate industry professionals on the definition of Green Building and how to implement these practices.  As part of this effort they have established a certification training programs for individuals interested in contributing to the movement called CGBP (Certified Green Building Professional). 

Remodel West has joined Build It Green and obtained the CGBP training and certification this year.  “I am amazed that much of what we have learned in our training is about sound practices in design and construction.  Many people think that Green Building is about extreme trendy and expensive solutions but in reality it is about proper and responsible solutions that are healthy for the workers and inhabitants of the structures we create”.

As a testimony to the success of Build It Green, Bill Reid has instituted the training for all employees of his residential design and construction firm in Silicon Valley where the specialize in Kitchens, Bath, Additions and New Homes.  “Having all design and construction staff trained and aware of these principles helps us implement the program and insures these proper practices make it into the homes we create today”.


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