The West Coast Green Conference: In review

September 23, 2007


Over the last weekend a group of us attended the conference in San Francisco California.  Being in the residential design and construction space we each had individual as well as mutual goals.  I think we can all agree that the publicity in Green Building has been overwhelming.  My primary goal in attending the conference was to dive in and really see what is up with this “Green thing”.  After attending a few days and coming home to ponder what we experienced it’s safe to say that we as a planet are on the cusp of something special.  Although there are many different specific outcomes, thoughts, and ideas out of attending there appears to be a handful that really stood out for me. An un-expected force In attending

California Preliminary Lien Law

by Bill Reid CGR, President Just because you paid your contractor doesn`t mean you have paid for the project.  This will raise your eyebrows.  Many homeowners become scared whe they hear the word lien.  The CA Preliminary lien law, emphasis preliminary, is intended to protect home owners and suppliers on construction projects.  With out getting into all the legalize here is how it works for you.  Lets say you hire a remodeling contractor to build an addition on to your home.  Of course there will be material suppliers and subcontractors that will perform work on your project.  Once the material is delivered or work started by a trade contractor they now have an interest in your property.  In order for them to protect…

It’s How Much!

Day in and day out frustrated homeowners visit our studio toting a completed set of plans hot off the press from their architect or designer.  They are in search of a company to help them with the next step, building their project.  There seems to be something missing, the smile on their face, the bounce in their step.  Instead they have been pushed to the brink with a set of plans that they feel have been compromised and not within their budget.  Too often homeowners walk in, hand us a set of plans, and say help!  They have deemed their plans worthless.  Why, because they have visited with a few builders too little too late obtaining estimates far above what they expected the cost to be.  This problem occurs far too often for homeowners