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Book featuring Remodel West projects.

Two projects designed and built  by Remodel West caught the eye of national publisher Schiffer Publishing and ultimately have been featured in the newly released “coffee table style” book  Asian Influenced Architecture & Design by E. Ashley Rooney.  I was approached by Ms. Rooney over a year ago after our projects caught her eye on our website.  After lengthy discussions, interviews and submitting the photos to her for consideration we were pleased that our projects made the final cut for the book.  Now over a year later the book is out and I am happy to report they made it in the book and are prominently displayed. The first large-scale remodel project featured in the book involved a complete re-design of an existing home.  The homeowner began the design process with another firm and Remodel West was retained to re-design the plans and then build the project.  Our design staff consisted of our in-house interior designer, Esin Karliova and company owner Bill Reid with heavy involvement by the homeowners.  We proposed a complete re-design which relocated rooms, incorporated a Tatami Room and may other features influenced by Japanese style architecture.  The home was completely de-constructed, expanded and rebuilt.  I invite you to visit our Flickr site to see other photos. We cannot display this gallery The second project was also a large-scale remodel involved a re-design and addition to a modest home in Sunnyvale, California.  We accomplished a larger scale kitchen, dining room, all focused on our clients desires.  Intensive structural modifications were necessary requiring thirty-two structural beams, removal of over half of the roof structure and installation of top quality materials. I invite you to visit our Flickr site to see other photos.
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